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Miss-SUZETTE-FUN.com International Humour Author: Miss-SUZETTE.com

QUICK TO DO:"Please (Click) on COVER below, then (Click) again on "Buy it now", to DOWNLOAD, & ENJOY YOUR HUMOUR, INSTANTLY!!! Read on if you have a second; Hi, I'm Miss-SUZETTE.com, Canada's FIRST Humour & Comedy Instructor and Laughter Coach... Would you believe, I actually invented the term "Humour-Therapy", millions of years ago, then quickly added "INSTANTLY!!!", because we all want things NOW! I love to invent and design HUMOUR EXERCISES, now internationally referred to as "FUN-TRIPS", which you will LOVE, in this world's first gargantuan Humour, E-BOOK, creatively titled, "Humour-Therapy, Instantly!!!" with Miss-SUZETTE.com. A very funny lady on alternate days...I'm told I am also a wonderful media guest, and public speaker. Workshop Leader....YOUR NEW FUNNY FRIEND. I also know, the world renowned, Dr. Happy M.D., intimately. CLICK AND ENJOY YOUR HUMOUR INSTANTLY-ISH! Love & Laughs, Miss-SUZETTE-FUN.com [email protected]