HUMOUR UP! Batch #1

HUMOUR UP! Batch #1 


contains THREE Individual HUMOUR Books + Mini INTRO.

Books 1, 2, 3 + Mini INTRO, 

Offers YOU 75+ Original, Instant, "FunTrips"... 


Each HUMOUR UP! Books are funnily:

•  Designed to Spark Your NEW HUMOUR Ideas Daily.

•  Feel Good Instantly!!! 

•  Attract More Fun Happiness into EVERYONE's EXISTENCE! 

(That includes your pets and enemies too!)  

This (PDF) E-Book, is 755 Pages & DOWNLOADS INSTANTLY!!!

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Each THREE Batches of HUMOUR UP!, contains THREE BOOKS plus INTRO and/or BYE BYE and is part of the Original "Humour-Therapy, Instantly!!!" E-Book, also available here.

For your convenience, we broke up the Original, gargantuan, 2,225 page book into THREE more palatable portions for your FUN.  

Batch #1   •   Offers..."Mini INTRO", Book1 Titled: "SOLO Fun", Book 2 "More SOLO Fun", Book 3 Titled: "YOU & Them"

Batch #2   •   Is the Heart of HUMOUR UP!, and offers the book"Mini INTRO", Examples of FUN & COMEDY STUFF, with FUNNY FRIENDS of Humour Author Miss-SUZETTE, & the book titled: "Micro BYE BYE"

Batch #3   •   Offers Book 5, & continues with "THEM & You", Book 6 Titled: "CROWDS", Book 7 Titled: "More CROWDS" & "Micro BYE BYE", the Continued CONCLUSIONS...


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